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Some of these locations are from the Golarion setting, others are from Age of Worms. For more information on locations in Golarion, see the setting book or the wiki (or just ask).


Varisia is a wild frontier region loosely ruled by a collection of city-states. About 300 years ago, the army from Cheliax invaded and settled, coexisting with the native Varisians and pushing the native Shoanti further into the wilderness.

The three main city-states in Varisia (in descending order of size) are Korvosa, Magnimar, and Riddleport. Korvosa is run by Chelish loyalists hoping Varisia will be absorbed into Cheliax. Magnimar is an active trade city. Riddleport is a town of pirates, mercenaries and thieves where the law is minimal.

For more information, see here (pathfinderwiki).

The Cairn Hills

The eastern foothills of the Fenwall Mountains in southern Varisia are dotted with ancient cairns. In times past, treasure-seekers from Korvosa founded the town of Diamond Lake to provide a base while they plundered the tombs. Now that the cairns have been stripped, Diamond Lake survives as a mining town, but its wealth is long-gone. The hills are far from empty, however, and include notable locations such as the Bronzewood Lodge, Cairn of the Lady of Graves, and the Twilight Monastery.

For a full-writeup, see here.

Diamond Lake

Diamond Lake is a muddy smudge of a mining town in the Cairn Hills. It owes allegiance to Korvosa, to the east, where most of its products are sent. People come to Diamond Lake for one of two reasons: they have no where else to go, or they want to take advantage of those who have no where else to go.

The game begins in Diamond Lake, where the PCs are looking for a way — any way — out.

For a full writeup, see here.


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